Hormé is Mongolian Moxibustion

A great therapy and a lovely compliment to many other treatments, Moxibustion is warming, soothing, and restorative to many energy centers and functions in the body and the flow of its channels.

Don't be scurred by images of burning incense being applied directly to the skin, the kind I learned uses herbs, wrapped in cloth, and dipped into warm oil, then placed on the body in key places, using therapeutic patterns.

It is a warming, nurturing, nourishing, pacifying, care.

I studied at Pure Land Farms with Bair Manzarkhanov and was further educated by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang for Sowa Rigpa Institute.

From Pure Land:

'Hormé, otherwise known as 'Mongolian Moxibustion', is one of the fundamental external therapies highlighted in the Four Medical Tantras, the root text of Tibetan Medicine. It is primarily used to address imbalances in the wind humor (Tib. རླུང་ “loong”) by deeply relaxing, warming, and nourishing the body and mind.

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