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I work with a variety of preventative, balancing, therapeutic, and healing approaches and modalities, including;


-Yoga Nidra*

-Health Coaching*


-Sound work*

-Herbal Consults*

-Product Making Consults*

-Energy Work*


-Thai Yoga Massage

-Indic Yoga Limbs

-Yin Yoga


and more

*educated in various traditions as well as in conventional understanding based on structured research.

I do not practice all techniques I have studied. I have learned, and will continue to learn, those that seem to provide the most benefits, with as gentle a relationship with one's system as can be, and that have zero or few side effects.

Sometimes I combine the above and sometimes I work in purity: Sessions are case-by-case.

I do distal (distance / remote) work in few modalities.

I give workshops on approaches to holistic wellness.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

See the Corporate and Group Offerings page for further information on community facilitations and workshops.


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Ashley is a generous and connected healer. Her full chakra meditation grounded, expanded, and relaxed my being from the inside out. Her voice soothed with confidence, and I truly felt able to surrender... not always easy for me! That meditation led to one of the most restful nights of sleep I have had in years.

-Victoria Squazzo, Ayurvedic Health Coach; Reiki Master; Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

I regularly meditate but was very new to Reiki, especially doing it remotely. I didn’t know what to expect and approached with a little skepticism. Ashley was patient and informative - she gave me the directions about what to do, day of the distance Reiki session, and I followed. With zero expectations, the process was relaxing and I certainly felt better the days following the treatments. I not only intend on scheduling more appointments, but recommend her to anyone looking for energy, balancing or emotional healing. Namaste

-Victoria Prather, Actor and VO Artist

My friends and I were on our mats and as I closed my eyes, Ashley's voice started to take me on a special journey, taking me from places to places, seeing images and feeling emotions all along the meditation. That was a great moment and I thank you for being my guide.

-Karim, Sound Healer

I attended Ashley's guided meditations & had such amazing connections to the deeper part of myself, information I never even knew that I had access to. I have been able to move forward through issues I was previously stuck on by applying the knowledge that I received during her meditations. Her voice and style of facilitating the meditations really help you feel safe, to relax & be able to go deeper into yourself. She is a wonderful teacher/facilitator and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to do some deep healing work on themselves.

-Tracy Jones, Massage Therapist and Sound Healer, Boston, Mass

The meditation was most calming and peaceful. I really appreciate it.

-Martha, Ayurvedic Health Coach

Normally I would do my own meditation,  but that day I really felt I needed to go. And I'll tell you, it couldn't have been more beautiful! She took us on a trip that was both healing and liberating. In a calm and loving way, she made the experience come alive. Truly was just what I needed at that moment. Thank you Ashley!

-Esther Steffeck, Meditation, Yoga Dance, and Sound Therapy Facilitator

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Follows the philosophy that everything is vibration and that sound vibrations, being so strong that we hear, feel, and some even see it, can facilitate restoration to our optimal vibration - and very efficiently. From my experiences, I absolutely agree. (I do not practice anything that hasn’t worked well for me). I find it to be a very potent modality.

Regardless of our connection, please know that, while it is meditative and intuitive, it requires knowledge, wisdom, and skill. Please only work with therapists who have learned from doctors and responsibly explored contraindications. If they can't answer you about these, I don't recommend putting yourself in their care. Sound baths are so trendy now. And sound IS a powerful medicine; best administered by responsible hands.



I currently work with a river drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Nana Garden Bells, tuning forks, chimes, the voice including overtone singing and mantra, and more to come.


Certification from a two week intensive training with Harmonic Sounds in Alcalalí, Spain, which incorporated the 7 chakra system, Craniosacral, color therapy, energy therapy, and light touch hands-on healing.

I also studied sound for balancing the Chakras with WiIl Adriance at Ayurveda’s World in New York City.

I Ama. Graduate of The New York Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute and have learned from Silvia Nakkach, MMT (How Sound Healing and Improvisation and International Medicine Melodies); Marco Dolce (Singing Bowls and Gongs); Rick Jarrow, PhD (Meditation and Intuitive Practice); Petr Janata, PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience on music and the brain) John Beaulieu, PhD (Tuning Forks); and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (Tibetan Sound Healing modalities), Thomas Amelio (Mantra from the Yoga tradition).

Energy Exchange
 $81 1hr session



I've studied, and I employ perspectives from Indian, Tibetan, and English Mantra

Sound being a great healer, as expressed in the Sound section above, Mantra has long been thought to be a great use of internal sound to influence/restore/raise one's own vibration.: Mantra study and practice helps unify mind and body to help them work together.

Mantras are said to be gifts to us, channeled/heard/intuited (depending who you ask) by Sages in retreat ages ago.

The mantras in the Ayurvedic, Yogic, and Tibetan Medicine practice I've learned use Sanskrit; thought to be a language of the highest vibration. Many say it is a way to connect with the divine/ether/universal vibration.

In Tibetan Medicine, it is asserted that certain sounds, words, prayers, and mantra vibrations align with the vibrations of certain areas of our physical body. There are designated mantras for resonance with the divine as well as mantras for resonance within the physical and subtle body. A few of these vibrations resonate with both areas. I am empowered to share select mantras with clients. (Once I complete accumulations of specific mantras in my private practice, I'll have done enough of my own walking the walk work on my own vibration and be empowered to bless substances and to create Tibetan mantra sanskrit caligraphy pieces for blessing and cleaning spaces. If you are interested in any of this, let me know and I will notify you when I complete my accumulations.)

In more recent years, English speakers have analyzed words in our langues that seem to have a high vibration and/or a resonance with specific areas and/or with large numbers of people. For some, using Sanskrit, or prayers in any other language for that matter, is uncomfortable and can be a barrier to relaxation; a key element of the healing process. We can then find things from English, or a language that makes more sense to you - some find benefit in using Hebrew, Aramaic, Gaelic, or any other ancestral tongue.


Laughing Lotus NYC with Felipe Gonzalez
Ayurvedas World with Dr. Naina Marbali
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, New York Open Center
Tibetan Medical Mantras with Drukmo Gyal Dakini: Initiial, foundational 20 mantras in NYC and an expanded training with 50+ mantras in LA. Works with 5 elements and the same 5 organ flowers (grouping organs that align with the same element) as Chinese Medicine.

Energy Exchange

$108 a session

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Hatha Yoga is the limb of yoga that is a physical practice. It was originally designed to help adolescent boys learn to meditate. Using their bodies to focus their minds. It remains a moving meditation. As it was not developed to be a physical exercise practice, there are trainings and styles that design sequences that help one engage in the moving meditation while also being safe and completely supportive of their physical system. Safely finding physical balance to balance the mind, wrapping the body to unwrap the mind, twisting the body around to give the mind a new perspective. Regardless, always enabling an enhanced dimensional understanding of, and multidimensional ability to, focus - which is all that meditation is.



200 hr Hatha training is in Lotus Flow, with special modules in Prenatal and Restorative. Laughing Lotus was founded by a dancer and athlete whose lives were profoundly impacted by all the limbs of Yoga. It extends as much into the subtle body, the myths, moving meditation, Chakras and elements of Ayurveda, as it does into contemporary understandings of anatomy and ideal, balanced physical practices. It loops all of this into a flow that can often feel like a dance, is always safe for the body's longevity, and gives balance to the soul.

Energy Exchange
Rates are the same for in-person and virtual

$139 1.5 hrs
$108 1 hr
$57 1/2 hr

Clifftop Yoga


Yin is a deepening of the more receptive, cooler, Lunar elements of Yogasana with the assistance of a few of the active ones to warm up, followed by a cooling practice. It goes deep into the Fascia Universe, collaborating with the mat and props to achieve deeper stretches using active listening to the body and letting it stop at the edge of the stretch, sit back and rest into it, and then go deeper again once that area has become comfortable. This process assists with deep, self-myofascial release, among many other things.



55 hr in Gili Air at H2O Yoga with Claire Green. Incorporated Chinese Meridians, 5 elements, and 5 Chakra System.

Energy Exchange
Rates are the same for in-person and virtual

$139 1.5 hrs

$108 1 hr

$57 1/2 hr

Reflection of Palm Trees
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TYM is a gentle, therapeutic massage that combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. This assists with myofascial release and sequences address all areas of the fascia universe.



110 hr at Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali with Carlos Romero. Incorporated elements of Craniosacral, Chinese Meridians, Qi Gong, and the Indian 7 Chakra system.

Energy Exchange

$139 1 hr

$63 1/2 hr



Mongolian Moxibustion

A great compliment to many treatments, Moxibustion is warming, soothing, and restorative to many energy centers and functions in the body and the flow of its channels.

Don't be scurred by images of burning incense being applied directly to the skin, the kind I learned uses herbs, wrapped in cloth, and dipped into warm oil, then placed on the body in key places, using therapeutic patterns.

It is a warming, nurturing, nourishing, pacifying, care.

I studied at Pure Land Farms with Bair Manzarkhanov

From Pure Land:

'Hormé, otherwise known as 'Mongolian Moxibustion', is one of the fundamental external therapies highlighted in the Four Medical Tantras, the root text of Tibetan Medicine. It is primarily used to address imbalances in the wind humor (Tib. རླུང་ “loong”) by deeply relaxing, warming, and nourishing the body and mind.'

Energy Exchange

$60 1hr session

(often integrated with other practices)

Heath and Wellness: Services



My training and experience are mostly in Ayurveda: I first pursued a certification as a Holistic Health Coach at Ayurveda’s World in New York City with Dr. Naina Marballi. I have since begin Advanced studies with Dr. Marballi and have been taking some courses with Dr. Vasant Lad this year. I have also studied foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Tibetan Medicine (currently studying the foundations in a. 108hr course with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang), and Herbalism. Added to this, I'm always going deeper into Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, sensory therapies, energy work, and more.

My work is case-by-case. I do no take a person on as a client if I don’t believe I am suited for their needs. Additionally I only work with clients on an ongoing basis if they do the work. I cannot take your money over and over if you are not making use of my services, and/or deriving benefit. We should only work together if it is mutually beneficial: My job as a wellness practitioner is to give you the best support, which sometimes means guiding you to receive support elsewhere. My purpose is to help people transform. I’m absolutely amazing, and I also have a modest enough ego to know that I am not here to help EVERYONE, or in every way. I might just be a step on your path to finding the right place. And that is help enough.

Regardless of my role in your journey, it is an honor to play it.


Energy Exchange

$162 initial

$60 follow-ups within 3 months

Heath and Wellness: Services


Just as there are ways one can position the body for best breathing, circulation, and overall flow of the system, there are best ways to arrange a space for the overall flow of energies within it. Call it Prana, Qi, Ki, or otherwise, energy needs to be able to move freely and easily. There are ancient, traditional, and contemporary methods from various part of the world that inform the best ways to have harmony in a space. This includes aspects of the land itself, a plot's shape and orientation, the shape and orientation of any structures in the plot, and the areas within. Regardless of all of the above, in most cases, there are relatively simple remedies for the exterior and interior of a structure, and sometimes the plot itself, to ensure a positive result from the way that any energy moves in, through, and out again.

Be it through Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Sacred Geometry, energetic cleaning, blessing, tidying, etc, I learned my relationship with spaces through a few years of subletting here and there in order to save up to travel the rest of the time. I noticed people saying things after they returned to their homes; I received messages saying how much better the energy in the place felt. Until then, a part of my practical brain had always indulged my intuitive senses in their wishes to clear a space in some way and make it feel better - to me, yet not really taken it seriously. Even after living in a haunted apartment - in which others experienced the poltergeist issues too.

I researched methods for years and consulted with those who'd been doing it for a long time along the way and have accumulated a toolbox of methods from simple sage to custom calligraphy Tibetan Healing Mantras.

I do this sort of treatment rarely as it is a huge time and energy investment and also because I have to therefore ask such a large energy exchange - when I was already staying in a space, improving the energy absolutely had a reciprocal benefit, so no exchange need be applied. (Plus, I'm a Burner and leaving a place better than you found it is an unofficial tenet beyond The 10 Principles.)

More often I prefer to consult. Even if things like mantras or blessed water are wise, I can do those for a fee that is far less than traveling to a space, evaluating, spending time, gathering and using supplies, performing work within the space, etc

It is best for the owner of a space to be present anyway, so I prefer to empower them to do the work themselves, if that is at all possible. I'd simply be a resource for tools because, ultimately, it is your space, and your specific alignment with it is that which matters most. As it says in the Brhat Saṁhitā:

Tat tasya bhavati śubhadaṁ yasya ca yasmin mano ramate. 

Any site becomes auspicious for a person, provided that it gladdens his heart.

Brhat Saṁhitā

53:95b, p. 486

As Dr. Robert Svoboda explains, "Varahamihira (says) that your instinctive intuitive impressions of a site count for more than merely rational calculations do. When a piece of land speaks to your heart, you should listen to this sacred intuition...Having your heart set on a site doesn't make the issues disappear, but it does suggest that you are likely to summon up the energy, enthusiasm, and focus to deal with its obstacles and generate amity there."


Energy Exchange

$150 initial consult

Materials and further time needed will vary



Similar to spaces, I noticed more and more people implying that I was helping their animals, that animals were drawn to me, that I understood them, etc. This was something I always took for granted growing up. When I gained an updated perspective, things people were saying began to make sense.

I then explored animal communication with Danielle MacKinnon. I learned a great deal of practical angles to use in collaboration with more intuitive techniques. I also learned a great deal from observing people who communicate with canine and equine family members.

I collage those experiences with my knowledge of massage, energy work, and diet and supplement support. This helps me do what I can to support each being form every angle possible - just as I do when I give a human holistic coaching.

This too can be a big investment of my energies and therefore cost more in an energy exchange, so unless there seems to be some sort of time pressure, I prefer to consult at first and see if things might be able to improve from that space.

It is ideal that the owner be present for at least a segment of the treatment. And why not know ways to do these tings for your beloveds directly. Regardless, I prefer to empower people as much as is possible so they can do as much on their own as they see fit.


Energy Exchange
$60 1st hr

The rest is determined from ther

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