Animal Support


I am offering some consultations virtually now at a reduce price.

Similar to spaces, I noticed more and more people implying that I was helping their animals, that animals were drawn to me, that I understood them, etc. This was something I always took for granted growing up. When I gained an updated perspective, things people were saying began to make sense.

I then explored animal communication with Danielle MacKinnon. I learned a great deal of practical angles to use in collaboration with more intuitive techniques. I also learned a great deal from observing people who communicate with canine and equine family members.

I collage those experiences with my knowledge of massage, energy work, and diet and supplement support. This helps me do what I can to support each being form every angle possible - just as I do when I give a human holistic coaching.

This too can be a big investment of my energies and therefore cost more in an energy exchange, so unless there seems to be some sort of time pressure, I prefer to consult at first and see if things might be able to improve from that space.

It is ideal that the owner be present for at least a segment of the treatment. And why not know ways to do these tings for your beloveds directly. Regardless, I prefer to empower people as much as is possible so they can do as much on their own as they see fit.


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