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Sound: Services

Follows the philosophy that everything is vibration and that sound vibrations, being so strong that we hear, feel, and some even see them, can facilitate restoration to our optimal vibration - and very efficiently. From my experiences, I absolutely agree. (I do not practice anything that hasn’t worked well for me). I find it to be a very potent modality.
Regardless of our connection or choice about working together or not, please know that, while it is meditative and intuitive, it requires knowledge, wisdom, and skill. Please only work with therapists who have learned from doctors and responsibly explored contraindications. If they can't answer you about these, I do not recommend putting yourself in their care. Sound baths are still trendy and sound IS a powerful medicine; best administered by responsible hands.
I currently work with a river drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Nana Garden Bells, tuning forks, chimes, the voice including overtone singing and mantra, and more to come.
-Certification from a two week intensive training with Harmonic Sounds in Alcalalí, Spain, which incorporated the 7 chakra system, Craniosacral, color therapy, energy therapy, and light touch hands-on healing.
-I also studied sound for balancing the Chakras with WiIl Adriance at Ayurveda’s World in New York City.
-Graduate of The New York Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute and have learned from Silvia Nakkach, MMT (How Sound Healing and Improvisation and International Medicine Melodies); Marco Dolce (Singing Bowls and Gongs); Rick Jarrow, PhD (Meditation and Intuitive Practice); Peter Janata, PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience on music and the brain); John Beaulieu, PhD (Tuning Forks); and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (Tibetan Sound Healing modalities); Thomas Amelio (Mantra from the Yoga tradition).
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Other Offerings

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