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Hatha Yoga: Services

Hatha Yoga is the limb of yoga that is a physical practice.

It was originally designed to help adolescent boys learn to meditate: Employing their bodies to focus their minds.

Hatha remains a moving meditation.

As it was not developed to be a physical exercise practice, there are trainings and styles that design sequences that help one to engage in the moving meditation repeatedly while also being safe and completely supportive of their physical system in a sustainable way.

A benefit of Hatha work can often be a movement toward finding physical balance in order to achieve a reflective balance in the mind; wrapping the body to unwrap the mind; twisting the body around to give the mind a new perspective, etc.

Regardless, it can always enable an enhanced and more multidimensional understanding of, and multidimensional ability to, focus - which meditation is, at its core.

I often agree with those who would prefer that all 8 limbs of Yoga be celebrated instead of only particular ones. That said, I also see why this practice has risen so much in a culture like the USA that are more adolescent in age in proportion to other cultures. We also often also engage in and prioritize more physical movement and simultaneously value manifesting greater agility in the mind. It's only natural that the youthful-minded, ambitious USAmerican might lean toward climbing the Hatha limb. In my opinion, this is why it is our job as teachers to incorporate as much holistic value into our offerings as possible to make sure we are facilitating a space with as much balance as possible.


200 hr Hatha training is in Lotus Flow, with special modules in Prenatal and Restorative. Laughing Lotus was founded by a dancer and athlete whose lives were profoundly impacted by all the limbs of Yoga. They each also experienced physical injuries that made them hyper aware of the repetitive behaviors in the practice that do not facilitate a sustainable physical practice if sequenced irresponsibly. Lotus's engagements with and teaching of the limbs extended as much into the subtle body, the myths, moving meditation, Chakras and elements of Ayurveda, as  contemporary understandings of anatomy and ideal, balanced physical practices. It looped all of this into a flow that can often feel like a dance, is always safe for the body's longevity, and gives balance to the soul. I also want to acknowledge any and all assertions of shadow elements of that school including but not limited to appropriation. I have learned from the light and dark reflections from each teacher, colleague, and student.

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