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Healing Artists ®

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A podcast about creativity and healing and they ways the relate within ourselves, in our lives, and in the world. Season one guests are professionals in the Arts and/or Healing Arts and beyond to spaces that might not traditionally be seen as creative and/or healing, like activism. The show takes a holistic look at not only a guest's craft, but education, journeys - healing and otherwise, along with any recommendations they'd like to offer, methods they've benefitted from, and advice they've found helpful along the way.

This podcast is created in the hopes that it can show cross sections of truths, ideas, professions, humanity, behaviors, and more, to hopefully contribute in some way to the to our collective evolution, improved life experience for all, and expanded understanding of  and empathy and compassion for all kinds of beings.

It is intended as a resource and tool for any and all looking to hear a good story and get information on possible ways to improve their life experience. It is not a medical , transformational, or therapeutic service.

Any and all information shared is solely the unique experiences, opinions, and world views of the guests and host.

Before using any therapeutic service mentioned, it is recommended that you do your own research about if it is appropriate for you and consult a medical professional.