Energy Work


Modalities I currently work with are:

A light touch, hands-on healing: It is believed that we can channel a form of universal energy through us in order to encourage emotional, mental, and physical healing.


Reiki 1: Maha Rose in New York City with Erika Spring. Incorporated the Yogic 7 Chakra system, Craniosacral, crystals, and mantra.

Reiki 2: Karina Gian Atma, Radiance Wellness, Santa Monica, CA

Reiki 3 & Master: Karina Gian Atma, Topanga, CA

Energy Exchange
$81 1hr session

$45 1/2 hr session
$36 20 minute session

$27 distal session


A hands-on healing technique using select locations on the body as ‘access” points. The locations remind me of Chinese Meridian points, Marma Points - energy centers Identified in Ayurveda that correspond with the Nadis (essentially Indian meridians), Tibetan Medicine's label for our energy pathways; Sowa Riga Points, etc.

Access Bars focuses only on the cranium, hands, and feet. It uses only light touch, combined with some vocal guidance. It is the opposite of Reiki in that its intention is not to channel universal energy in, but to channel anything that is a projection or a reflection; not a part of your authentic, individual universe; out.

Training: Maha Rose in New York City with Jósa Goodlife. Incorporated the 7 chakra system, crystals, and Craniosacral.

Energy Exchange

$57 1hr


An element of Ayurveda, it is a form of light touch, hands-on energy healing. It is sometimes labeled as “a Reiki," even though it is from India; not Japan... It is actually an incorporation of sound, light touch, and mutual meditation of practitioner and client (as is most healing) that works primarily with the main 7 Chakras in the Yogic Chakra system, with the intention on balancing them.

Dr. Nina Marballi's Holistic Health Coach Certifications course at Ayurveda’s World in New York City.

Energy Exchange
$63 1 hr session
$36 1/2 hr session
$27 20 minute session

Another form of light touch energy restoration, Bla Massage incorporates meditation, mantra, and a Moon cycle calendar, to connect with key points on the body to sense and improve energetic abundance and balance.

Training: Initially learned from Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in New York City. Later empowered to offer this to clients while on retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

Energy Exchange

$36 20 minutes


I regularly meditate but was very new to Reiki, especially doing it remotely. I didn’t know what to expect and approached with a little skepticism. Ashley was patient and informative - she gave me the directions about what to do, day of the distance Reiki session, and I followed. With zero expectations, the process was relaxing and I certainly felt better the days following the treatments. I not only intend on scheduling more appointments, but recommend her to anyone looking for energy, balancing or emotional healing. Namaste

-Victoria Prather, Actor and VO Artist

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