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Spacial Harmony

Spacial Harmony: Services

I am now offering this service virtually since so may of us are that much more aware of and influenced by our homes.

Beyond the healing elements inherent in beauty and function; be it through energetic space clearing, traditional philosophies of spacial harmonics, contemporary studies on the effects of various items in the home, blessing, tidying, sound universe, etc, different things need be employed within each space.

My background in design and appreciation for repurposing give me a unique flare for home treatments. Beauty is healing and finding ways to incorporate that item you don't know what to do with - that still does bring you joy - can be a great joy, and even a relief, in itself.

I learned my relationship with spaces through years of subletting here and there in order to save up to travel the rest of the time. I noticed people saying things after they returned to their homes; sending messages saying how much better the energy in the place felt. Being a Burner, a priority of mine is to leave things better than I found them and a part of my practical brain always indulges my intuitive impulses to clear and/or improve a space in various way that can make it feel better. I didn't fully take this seriously in terms of being a potential offering until more recently.

I've researched methods for years and consulted with expert practitioners and teachers as well as those who've been more casually been learning and doing for a long time along the way. I have accumulated a toolbox of methods from simple herbs, to custom calligraphy art, to furniture placement (including adding or removing items or art), crystals, and more.

If it is at all possible, I encourage the client to be present because I prefer to empower them to continue the work themselves, as it often can ensure the most sustainable and long term results.

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