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Crystals: Services

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.

Nikola Tesla

Services: Custom Intuitive Crystal Selection . Crystal Grids . Chakra Balancing . Additional supports for self and home:

Before I go into the work itself here, I will note that for work with clients I use sustainably sourced crystals from ethical mines. My central resource has even found ways to work with some mines that have a relationship with the locale, serve the community in one way or other, and actually create a better physical environment that includes nurturing and improving the land itself. I have been lucky enough to also find local shops back East and where I am now on the Left Coast; that source ethical stones.

On the Rocks:

If you've ever felt different standing on a beach, a desert, a mountain, a forest, a great plane, a tile floor, a boulder, or cement, you know there are different vibrations to different surfaces and solid bits of matter. Even if you haven't noticed varying sensations in the experiences mentioned, if you know physics, you know the concept. Those of us who are more sensitive and/or tuned in simply didn't need conventional sciences to inform us, although it's always convenient to have such proof and we might appreciate it as a marker for others that we've been sensing very real things. Even a marble countertop v a metal or a wooden one can be an entirely different feel.

I once worked with a photographer who had gone minimal and felt her space felt too cold energetically. Halfway through the shoot, she said I seemed like a minimalist but also energetically sensitive and wanted to know what I did. I agreed and said I'd found that wood pieces could warm up a space and let it feel more relaxing and natural to the psyche. (Also, of course, soft fabrics can assist.)

Having rock and crystal pieces can support this feeling of the presence of Earth's Nature as well. (And it helps that they're real purty.) In a high rise, a high altitude, or a very dry and windy area or season (or mental state), some types of rocks (depending on their internal structure/dimensions) might even feel necessary to ground and stabilize things. Type of crystal or stone, size, placement, and care are all details I won't go on and on about here. Suffice to say that each unique crystal - family and stone - has its own feel as well, and so they do make a difference: You can add any old spice to a dish OR you can add the spice that works best with that particular recipe; in the Goldilocks amount; has been stored with care; and is still good to take in.

Like any spice, or anything else in nature, crystals can be potent in their effects, and so proper use is valuable and best made a priority: Traditional medical science texts of India and Tibet express that anything in nature can be a medicine or a poison; it is about the factors involved, especially the practitioner and also the client / patient, the reason it is being used, the amount, the process of preparation and application, etc. Like so many things, people today agree that these things work, and therefore many more people want to try them at home. And of course you can and that might a great experience for you. I simply suggest that you do your research and take care. Less is always more, especially as you begin (anything). This si partly so you can clearly observe what might be causing what as well as what is and/or isn't working. And it can be a strong choice to pay attention to any results, including those you might not immediately have assumed could be related.

In terms of my professional practice; I've had crystals present for years and over time have learned about their constitutions, lore/stories, qualities, meaning, and benefits from the experiences and perspectives of various individuals and traditions.

In 2020, my calendar opened up a bit and I signed up for some courses I hadn't previously made the time for, (having always prioritized availability in my schedule for performance, writing, and producing). These courses included training and for work with crystals in service of others. To be frank, I have explored these things for so long already on my own, there is so much in the way of books and online searches, and a great deal is ultimately intuitive, so that the practical side of the education was where more of the newness was for me, and the practicum's unfamiliar practices are mostly things I have chosen not to continue beyond the time of that education, especially as services for others. That said, your and my most practical and/or prove-it-to-me aspects can rest easy that I studied in an accredited diploma program with a final, intake forms, case studies, and all the things.

I do work with crystals in many areas;

-In home and workspace

-placing stones near and/or on the body/ies (either as the sole treatment or as an ingredient in an integrative offering), for individuals and groups


-Custom Intuitive Crystal selection

-Remote work

Feel free to reach out with questions

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