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Mantra: Services

I've studied and mostly employ perspectives from Indian, Tibetan, and English Mantra

Sound being a great facilitator of transformation and healing, (as expressed in the Sound section), Mantra has long been thought to be a great use of internal sound to influence/restore/raise one's own vibration: Mantra study and practice helps unify mind and body to help them work together.

Some Mantras are said to be gifts to us, channeled/heard/intuited (depending who you ask) by Sages in retreat ages ago.

Those in the Ayurvedic, Yogic, and Tibetan Medicine practice I have learned use Sanskrit; an ancient Indo-European language. Although its grammar has been alterd throughout history, it is still thought by many to be of a high vibration, as older, more pure, languages can be. Many say these can better facilitate ways to connect with the divine/ether/universal vibration.

In Tibetan Medicine (among others), it is asserted that certain sounds, words, prayers, and mantra vibrations align with the vibrations of certain areas of our physical and other bodies. There are designated mantras for resonance with the divine as well as mantras for resonance within the physical and subtle body. A few of these vibrations resonate with both areas. I am empowered to share select mantras with clients.

In more recent years, English speakers have analyzed words in our language that seem to have a high vibration and/or a resonance with specific areas and/or with large numbers of people. For some, using Sanskrit, or prayers in any other language for that matter, is uncomfortable and can be a barrier to relaxation; a key element of the healing process. We can then find things from English, or a language that makes better sense for the individual - some find benefit in using Hebrew, Gaelic, Aramaic, or any other ancestral tongue.


Ayurvedas World with Dr. Naina Marballi
Laughing Lotus NYC with Felipe Gonzalez
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, New York Open Center's Sound and Music Institute

Thomas Amelio, New York Open Center's Sound and Music Institute

Tibetan Medical Mantras with Drukmo Gyal Dakini: Initial, foundational 20 mantras in NYC and an expanded training with 50+ mantras in LA. Works with 5 elements and the same 5 organ flowers (grouping organs that align with the same element) as Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Sowa Rigpa Institute

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Other Offerings

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