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Ashley is a generous and connected healer. Her full chakra meditation grounded, expanded, and relaxed my being from the inside out. Her voice soothed with confidence, and I truly felt able to surrender... not always easy for me! That meditation led to one of the most restful nights of sleep I have had in years.

-Victoria Squazzo, Ayurvedic Health Coach; Reiki Master; Yoga and Fitness Instructor

My friends and I were on our mats and as I closed my eyes, Ashley's voice started to take me on a special journey, taking me from places to places, seeing images and feeling emotions all along the meditation. That was a great moment and I thank you for being my guide.

-Karim, Sound Healer

I attended Ashley's guided meditations & had such amazing connections to the deeper part of myself, information I never even knew that I had access to. I have been able to move forward through issues I was previously stuck on by applying the knowledge that I received during her meditations. Her voice and style of facilitating the meditations really help you feel safe, to relax & be able to go deeper into yourself. She is a wonderful teacher/facilitator and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to do some deep healing work on themselves.

-Tracy Jones, Massage Therapist and Sound Healer, Boston, Mass

The meditation was most calming and peaceful. I really appreciate it.

-Martha, Ayurvedic Health Coach

Normally I would do my own meditation,  but that day I really felt I needed to go. And I'll tell you, it couldn't have been more beautiful! She took us on a trip that was both healing and liberating. In a calm and loving way, she made the experience come alive. Truly was just what I needed at that moment. Thank you Ashley!

-Esther Steffeck, Meditation, Yoga Dance, and Sound Therapy Facilitator

From Ashley:

The techniques I have learned and work with include two versions of the Rose Meditation and other more contemporary channeling, creations, and interpretations of ancient practices, Ayurvedic meditations, Tibetan meditations, Golden Light Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Spiritual Guided Meditation Therapy (incorporates wisdom from India, some cultures indigenous to the Americas, and Positive Psychology), and more. I work with every perceived “level” of meditator and we customize something for you. You leave with a recording to work with moving forward.


Natalie Roy in New York City, Kristina Ensminger in New York City, Harmonic Sounds in Alcalalí, Spain, Dr. Naina Marballi at Ayurveda’s World in New York City, Silvia Nakkach, MMT, Rick Jarrow, PhD, and Thomas Amelio as part of The New York Open Center's Sound and Music Institute New York City, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Christiana Polites and Drukmo Gyal Dakini of Sorig Khang in New York, LA, and Bali, Indonesia, and more.

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Night Sky

*10 & 12*

A December(+)
Karma Meditations(+)

Begins December 14th 
to be notified when each piece of info, meditation, and additional piece of this offering becomes available.

More information here soon.

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