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Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching: Services

My training and experience are mostly in Ayurveda: I first pursued a certification as a Holistic Health Coach at Ayurveda’s World in New York City with Dr. Naina Marballi. I have since taken Advanced studies with Dr. Marballi and multiple courses with Dr. Vasant Lad as well as some workshops woith Dr.'s Robert Svoboda and Claudia Welch, and Ayurvedic and other medicinal portions of healing arts trainings I have done. In addition, I have studied foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sowa Rigpa, or Traditional Tibetan Medicine. I am one who is always deeper into everything and this includes the 8 Limbs of Yoga, which include Meditation, Mantra, and Pranayama. Holistic sciences and medicines I have studied include forms of sensory therapies, energy work, and more. I have branched my understanding with Celtic traditions I was already familiar with from my own lineage as well as Herbalism from things innately available in Europe and North American to those beyond.

I have learned to read clients not only through their intake forms, but via analyzing things like pulse, eyes, tongue, face, hands, urine, Aura, vocal patterns, posture, and more.

The vast majority of people who work with me do not receive a massive list of things to do at one time; it can be overwhelming, and it is simply not an option with many of today's lifestyles and cultural expectations. We instead collaborate to see what can truly fit and become sustainable improvements for you. I invite you to check in with how things are going periodically and we move forward from there. That said, some clients receive options of things to layer in as they develop their familiarity with each thing that is offered; it all depends on their particular imbalances, constitution, personality, lifestyle, environment, resources, etc.

My work is case-by-case. I do not take a person on as a client if I do not believe I am suited for their needs. Additionally, I should say that I only work with clients on an ongoing basis if they do the work. I am more than happy to see if we're a fit and to work with you to determine the best sorts of plans for your specific and most realistic implementation. I am also happy to investigate why suggestions I offer might not seem to yield results and try something else. That said, I cannot take your money over and over if you are not making use of my services, and/or deriving any benefit. Ultimately, we should only work together if it is mutually beneficial:

My job as a wellness practitioner is to give you the best support, which sometimes means encouraging you to receive support that is better for you elsewhere: Part of my purpose is to help people transform. I’m absolutely amazing, as are we all, and I also have a modest enough ego to know that I am not necessarily here to work with every single body, or in every single way. I might just be a step on your path to finding the right source. And that is an honor in itself.

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Other Offerings

Meditation   .   Energy Work   .   Thai Yoga Massage   .   Hatha Yoga   .   Yin Yoga   .   Mantra Healing   .   Sound   .   Hormé   .   Spacial Harmony Work   .   Animal Support   .   Workshops and Classes

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