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Corporate and Group Health and Wellness Offerings

Thanks for being here.

Many companies strive to provide their employees with an improved work environment experience and resulting improved relationship with their colleagues and company. These things can make your employees feel appreciated, therefore appreciate an employer more, and in additon, certain offerings and approaches have been shown to improve employee performance as well as collaboration and communication.

Fear, fight / flight / freeze response, and the resulting cortisol release has been proven to have myriad health effects. We are only designed to have these spikes in cortisol for a few minutes at a time in order to flee from the oft referenced saber-tooth tiger. The body releases its attention from its innate self-healing functions to redirect its attentions on survival. When there is an ongoing release, as so many have now, this has progressively deteriorating effects on overall health, limiting mental, physical, and emotional well being; resuting in hindered performance in the private and professional lives.

My education and perspective embrace a holistic approach. Since in situaitons like these I cannot have a totally holistic approach as I do not know the extact medical history of each employeee, I have developed offerings that encompass ways individuals can better observe and relate to themselves and others, ways they can sink into relaxation and out of fight/flight/freeze, along with workshops and some tools for those who want to go deeper, reference materials and recommneded resources for research. I am not a doctor. I have, however spent many years exploring, studying, and working with the aspects of the human systems n individuals and in general population patterns. I have studied multiple energy systems and have moved into looking at related geometry and conventional scientific reseach on links between the two areas in an effort to see what ancient sciences have observed over 10's of 1,000's of years in order to extract what the energy systems and our convention understandings all have in common and, as happens in many cases, what they say that might seem like a different statement but can actually when digging deeper prove to be the same observation that is simply approached from a different subjective point of view.

The programs I have put together here are for people to receive facilitaitons of various modalities, informative workshops and reference materials filled with tools for them to have access to ways of caring for themselves and others at home and in a workplace environent so that they can become more balanced and healthy and have a fuller well of their own energy that they are eventually overflowing to be able to contribute to others without overtaxing their adrenals, etc, and therey move toward extended longevity and improved wellness along with a fuller and more fulfilling experience in each area of their lives.

My current offerings are for the contemporary virtual environment. I provide prerecordedofferings to accommodate companies with comlex scheduling, employees who remotely, and in different time zones.

I like to learn about your company to recommed the appropriate program for you and your staff. That said, some people just want to pick from a menu, so I will make that available as well. Inquire within about pricing and avialbility for custom programs.

Feel free to inquire about options for ways I can facilitate support in small through larger businesses; from dipping toes in to one or other kind of offering though a more expanded program and holistic immersion.

I work with smaller businesses on price adjustments and packages. I also work with educational institutions on sliding scales for students whether they are simply using these offerings as personal support or as an example in the various ways to be of service while being educated in a particular modaity. In addition, I work on a case-by-case basis to provide sliding scale for individuals and collectives of people whose companies or educaitons institutions will not pay to provide these supports for them. I am also open to payment planswith automatic payment structures, which can be arranged via PayPal.

As is stated in Love Tree, I have a Give Backmodel and I first turn my fund toward Greenpeace International and then towards organizatons and institutions asscociated with the various modalities and the cultures from which they stem and that have stemmed. I will happily entertain ideas of wothy recipients and am always excited to learn about other people in the world working to improve the experiences of others and about any potential ways that I can contribute to their efforts.

Because these offerings include health and wellness information and suggestions, for your, your employees, and my own protection, there are waivers and acknowledgements every single person participating must sign. This is not a medical service or a substtute for medical advice, nor should anyone do suggested practices without consulting a qualified medical professional as to their spectific situaiton, I cover known contraidications I am aware of in some areas, but I cannot know the specific health of every individual, so they must each use informed caution based on the advisement of their primary doctor and/or a specialist in whatever physical issue/s they might be experiencing.

Thanks so much for reading and all my sincerest best wherever you choose to source you corporate support.

May whatever you choose be of service to your highest good and to the greater good and all of the very best to you and yours and beyond.