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Corporate and Group Wellness Offerings: About

Corporate and Group Health and Wellness Offerings

Thanks for being here.

I work with groups of various sizes. Many communities and companies strive to provide community members and/or employees with an improved environment and overall experience. Creative, Wellness, and Counseling experiences can make people feel not only supported, but valued and appreciated. In addition, certain offerings and approaches have been shown to go beyond benefiting each employee on an individual and personal level and improve employee performance as well as collaboration and communication within and among the various teams.

In offering creative and/or informative workshops, Healing Arts facilitation experiences, and/or counseling, my intention is to make space for these and other improvements in each individual as well as in the community as a whole.

Inquire within for more in depth information, a menu of offerings, packages, and a la carte options.

Corporate and Group Wellness Offerings: Services
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