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Gift Creation and Collaboration

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Gift Creation and Collaboration: Gift Creation and Collaboration

As the home page states, I am a hybrid, so I do not have one prominent love language. That said, I do enjoy giving gifts.

Over time, I have noticed responses to things I gave that suggested they were very personalized, thoughtful, appropriate, and overall welcomed, of service, and appreciated. Only more recently did it occur to me, and was it encouraged by others, that I offer gifting on my menu of services.

I appreciate aesthetically pleasing, nurturing, and material expressions of affection for the pleasure of the receiver.

I have balanced that as I came to specialize in things that are sustainable / ethical / conscious / responsible / just the (right) thing to do; whatever your word/s.

I enjoy working with people to figure out strong creative, nurturing, self-transformation, expansive, and wellness-centric gift choices. This can be especially beneficial for those who want to give special gifts but simply do not have the time to invest in selecting each one. And my particular expression of such services is for those who are interested in Earth, human, and animal-friendly options.

If you are someone who wishes you had access to that rom-com-quality executive or personal assistant who gets a great gift for everyone else so you can continue to invest more of yourself in the work you were born to do, but you don't actually want an assistant anywhere else in life, feel free to do a consult with me and we'll see if I can be of service.

Gift Creation and Collaboration: Description
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