Gift Creation and Collaboration

Forest Trees

As my bio states, I am a hybrid, so I do not have one prominent love language. That said, I do thoroughly enjoy giving gifts.

Over time, I noticed responses to things I gave that suggested they were very personalized, thoughtful, appropriate, and overall welcomed, of service, and appreciated. I have strong Venus and Earth energy, so I appreciate aesthetically pleasing nurturing and material expressions of affection for the pleasure of the receiver and have balanced that as I came to specialize in things that are sustainable / ethical / conscious / responsible / just the (right) thing to do; whatever your word/s.

I like to assist people who feel lost in figuring out a strong gift choice, those who simply don't have the time, and those who are interested in Earth, human, and animal-friendly options.

If you're the type who wishes you had access to that rom-com-quality executive or personal assistant who gets a great gift for everyone, but you don't actually want an assistant anywhere else in life, feel free to do a consult with me and we'll see if I can be of service.