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Art is Healing and Healing is an Art

Welcome, I'm Ashley Lovell.

In Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa, I am TriDosha. In TCM I seem to be almost an anomaly (always leave something to shoot for). With almost even balance of every element, let alone dosha, I have a wide variety of qualities and interests, and can seem enigmatic to some.

My meditation guru says I show that all qualities can exist in a single person. ‘I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one’ - you know the song - including shadow (PLEASE, let us talk shadow and illuminate that business). Even a Jyotish (Indian Astrologer); a complete stranger (in this life); said I “…have - SO many, different, types of work!" (that I can do). SO, it is even written in the stars - which is wonderfully convenient as a response to those who beg me to only do one thing. (for my Jyotishi’s out there, I have my share of Ketu).

I have, so far, found the things listed on this site as my main ways of exploring, engaging with, and serving this world. I chose to put them all in this one place to keep you (and me) grounded amid all of the directions I extend into — you got it; a-like a tree. I also don’t enjoy the boxing many cultures attempt to create for many beings, and I believe it is a service to display your own truth, because it can create a space in which others feel more free to do the same. So here is a little bit of everything, all rolled into one, (you do know it.

Each page is a bough of my offerings. Feel free to look around. You can contact me via the contact form.

Thank you for gracing my space with your attention.

Love Light and Healing, that’s an order,



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