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This site displays the various areas I currently put my energies. In short, I'm a creative who is as supportive as I can be of Earth and her inhabitants. In long...the rest of this site (and, you know, my life): Take a look around - or don't: 

You do YOU! I have learned the hard (and so many other) way(s) that we are ALL better off if we EACH behave authentically:

Two parts of my whole are intuitive and empath, so I went years living more often in the vibrations and stories of others than my own. I know how easy it can be for some to know and fall into those sorts of things.

I've also experienced a large degree and wide variety of trauma so as to have built firm habits for survival. SO, if that is you, I see, hear, and very literally feel your experience (see; empath 😆). I believe every protective mechanism is not only valid, it can even sometimes still be, or at least feel, necessary. I myself have no shortage of situations in my current life in which I feel a need for protection. And at the very least, life is change and uncertainty and those things can trigger trauma responses - even if there are positive, non-threatening aspects to them; We talk about this in Anonymous communities all the time:

The key, in part, is to discern when and how to employ these things, and when we can relax and ground into our own bodies and into feelings of safety, security, stability; the body does better all around in a safe, secure, satiated state because it feels it can direct its energies toward rebuilding itself instead of potentially warding something off. This makes it most likely best for those who live in fight / flight / freeze to learn (ways to) to guide it to what I call relaxation / safety / breath where and whenever they can safely do so. I'm definitely still learning, even with many years of education and experience. It could be a lifelong process. My experience has given me faith that it's all work worth doing:

For me, my innate intuitive, empathic, and learned adaptive qualities can facilitate many types and parts of my work. I have also decided that they are to be employed only when it is best and necessary:

With what we know from ancient and conventional sciences about hormones, emotions, mental health, spiritual health, etc; the healthiest place for anybody (as well as any-body around them) is grounded into one's own / innate / core / original vibration, and as often as is possible. (And to love that space in part because it is what helps one most fruit-fully survive and, I'm gonna say it, even thrive #thrival):

I suggest that each being listen actively to their inner truth: What is best for one is best for all: We can each become a literal carbon copy example to others that #thisshitworks:

To what degree you are meant to, may you find your way, through routes best for you, to the truest you, and be surrounded by those you are best off with at every given moment, (even if you do not always, or in all the ways, realize that that is what they are at said moment/s).

And, of course, may you be as well as possible.

Scroll down and click around for more about me - because who doesn't wannna talk more about me, amiright?

Love Light and Healing - that's an order,


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In Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa, I have an almost equal balance of all 3 constitutions. In TCM I seem to be almost an anomaly (though only 'almost', because we should always leave something to aim for). With a strong presence of every element, I have a wide variety of qualities and interests, and in turn can seem enigmatic to some. My meditation mentor says that I show that all qualities can exist in a single person. ‘I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one,’ (you know the song). In 'all qualities', I and said mentor include shadow aspects (and PLEASE, let us talk shadow, thereby illuminating that business). A Jyotish astrologer who was a complete stranger (in this life); said that I, “…have -- so many, different, types of work!...(that I can excel at)". SO, it is even written in the stars - which is wonderfully convenient as a response to those who prefer that I do only one thing.

(Of course, by, "written in the stars", I do mean written into that particular Jyotisha practitioner's interpretation-s; of their particular lineage's interpretation-s; of that particular tradition's interpretation-s; of human interpretation-s going further back into linear / 'human' time; of what we know to be, and colloquially refer to as, "the stars", etc, etc; because, #specificity)

Thus far, I have found the things on this site as my oft repeated ways of exploring, engaging with, and hopefully serving this world. I choose to gather them all into one space to keep you (and me) grounded amid all the directions I can extend into — you got it; a-like a tree. This also works for me because I do not enjoy the boxes that many cultures attempt to create for many beings. In addition, I believe it is a service to display your own truth (as fully as your safety and all the things permit) because it can create a space in which others feel more able to do the same, and onward in ripple effects from there. Therefore, on this site is a little bit of everything...all rolled into one - you do know it.

Each page is a bough of my offerings and I continue to explore. Feel free to look around.

If you like, extend an olive branch (because branch!) via the contact form.

Thank you for gracing my space with your attention.

Love Light and Healing; that’s an order,


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