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Art is Healing and Healing is an Art

Welcome, I'm Ashley Lovell.

In Ayurveda I am TriDosha, which means I have an almost even balance of every element, so I have a wide variety of qualities and interests, and can even seem enigmatic to some...My meditation guru says I show that all qualities can exist in one person. Even a Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer), a complete stranger, said that I "...- have - SO many different types of work!" (that I can do); so it is even written in the stars, which is wonderfully convenient as a response to those who beg me to do just one thing.

I have so far found the things listed on this site as my ways of serving this world. I've put them all in one place to keep both you and me grounded amid all of the directions I extend into; you got it; a-like a tree.

Each page is a bough of my offerings. Feel free to look around. You can contact me via the contact form.

Thank you for gracing my site with your attention.



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