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You Are Love

Happy Love Day, This message flowed through me for you, take it as you are and do with it whatever might be best for you. (Please also note footnote at end – and do the same with it).

I feel that Love is an honor within our existence here. I recommend you express it, as it suits you. I came to this feeling pretty hard recently: I was one of the many for a long time who shy from expressing these things.. And it can be scary to say it – to say many things that mean you are putting skin in the game. Also true, those things are so often the most worthy of your effort.

This pandemic time of singledom (I'd told myself I could try dating again in Summer of 2020 :D) has removed those feelings of risk and made a relaxed space for perspective to sink deep; I have zero regrets about any time that I expressed genuine love and affection for anybody who I was in a healthy situation with. This is including the time I admitted I was falling in love before I wanted to say it and was dumped within the same conversation :D.

I feel very lucky to have arrived at this place I've heard so many people speak about; rejection is simply redirection: It can't be rejection if it isn't right for you in the first place. You aren't rejecting peanuts if your body is allergic to them -you simply do not sync.

(Digression because I am having affectionate memories at this moment of people who thought they were rejecting me, but I was only into them as

friends, or even colleagues. I didn't laugh at them, thankfully – most often I just stared in dumbstruck awe, which fed the impression of crush/love they'd projected on me. Oh good old projection...)

Anyway, if something is for you, then it is. And otherwise is otherwise – even sometimes when you agree that it isn't for you, but somebody lets you down easy anyway :D.

I've felt this in acting for a while but in romance and even simple crushing and hooking up it took longer to 'get it'. There are a lot of things said around embarrassment and humiliation or even giving one's power away if expressing oneself sincerely and vulnerably, when that actually IS your true power. Go read some Brene Brown, I'll be right here when you get back...

I personally don't feel I was humiliating myself by acknowledging if I had a crush, I was simply being honest; and speaking truth is one of the best things you can do for your everybody's good. Clean / Satvic energy is extremely healthy and is in support of your power and ability to manifest with your very speech (according to a mantra teacher I learned from, Thomas Amelio and the wisdom he gleaned from his studies of and in Indian philosophical tradition and India, respectively).

To power, I don't see it as giving away my power by saying I loved anybody, I see it as acknowledging a power we had generated together. Or perhaps I'd simply generated it on my own :D – with them as inspiration. All the better; maybe I'm like, rilly strong.

I'll own this is relatively easy for me to spray at this moment as I feel no huge risks to take (in this particular area) currently. Still, I tend to only choose not to say things these days if I have a strong intuitive push to not, at least unless the other person does it first...sometimes they need to be the first one in it, or something else unseen is at play: That's okay. I've learned to let that be, trusting it's for the best. Also, to yesterday's NY luv post, sometimes I sense it

might be beyond the physical and I try and hold back and respect that even if I do feel something; to honor the 'higher' work; let that be done; and then see if we still feel drawn to stay connected after that thing clears.

Even times when I didn't just say I had a crush in college days because I was afraid of being embarrassed, made fun of, or much more often of losing the harmony in that friendship and them as a friend; wanting them in my life

regardless because I valued them: Guess what: They aren't in my life anymore anyway. The season changed. The work was done. And I'm made fun of and potentially embarrassed enough, so why not express myself fully wth such positive things and not stuff things down into my own system.

To my post yesterday, I think early on in my life, I was sometimes confused and misunderstanding things; just feeling the intensity of our energy bodies working together. Also to that post, I do NOT regret letting some of those things get physical. :D My energy body has excellent taste. :D And I have strong Venus; I like the material reality and plenty pleasures of it. The only times I regret being physical or intimate in any way (if I let myself sink into regret) is when I wasn't being authentic to what I truly felt.

To be clear, I'm not only speaking about romantic love, that's just here most people in my native culture tend to get hung up: Love is love and most of this applies to any healthy and sincerely loving relationship (AKA, maybe not so much with narcissists, etc). I'm also not saying that anyone's expression must/should be at any particular time. Or place. Or in any particular mode; doesn't

have to be a Love Actually; cue cards and fake carolers; running through airports; sloppy Portuguese called up restaurant a stairway; or even butt doubles deciding to bump butts. I'm just planting a seed of invitation to express things if, where, and whenever it feels right for you:

And to listen to those calls as actively as you can, if it is a safe space for you. At this point in my experience, it feels more safe for me. -- In improv, there are sayings like, Follow The Fear. A smart teacher once clarified that this isn't instinct-based, primal sabertooth tiger fear – in those cases you run. This is intuition-based, anticipatory, excited fear; that leans your heart toward something even though you aren't sure that it'll lean back:

Also, it's okay if it doesn't lean back. You will still have braved it. And you will then already know how to fully lean forward when there is someone ready to meet you there in the middle. And/or you might then become an

inspiring example for others to do the same. Face it 'til you make it.

...I chose a scene/monologue for a class once from Adaptation. The main character's twin, who has an openhearted characteristic (through which he manages to essentially fail upward), answers his brother's assertions that he'd

made a fool of himself by actively crushing on someone in school who made fun of him behind his back. He says he knew people were laughing at him and he didn't care because the love was his. He got to feel it. (Kaufman's such a genius): Love is nothing to be embarrassed about. And it is an amazing feeling. Some of it is unpleasant – even if it happens to be met where you are, there can be plenty of less enjoyable aspects. Yin & Yang with everything. Still, at least in my experience, it wakes up so many parts of of my being. -- The first time, I felt (welcome and less welcome) sensations and emotions and nerve centers I didn't even know existed prior. I was much more fully alive and connected to a visceral presence in that state at that time. (to what I said above, we are a soul AND Earthbound connection; even after the soul work, our hearts remained in affection and drawn to connection).

The only other places I've found that are in creativity. You will find it wherever your light is placed – That's just my specific dharma. What is not specific to me is the feelings of being more fully alive in a space of love.

Mediums and others have stated that entities beyond this reality wish for Earth experience because we get to feel things here. -- they don't know why we're not so grateful to experience even the deepest darkness, misery, and pains.

Love is so cool. And if you have a lot – or any --- of it to give (in healthy/consensual/solicited ways) that is nothing but goodness in my view.

Also, Love is divine. God is Love. And God's in you. If you speak sincere love, then you are speaking, and in any other way expressing, your divinity. And connecting to the divinity in another. It is a sacred aspect of life. I feel that every time you sincerely express love from a pure space, you are tapping into a sacred one. Thereby it is a blessing to love and to be loved - if we let it exist just as it is and do not layer unnecessary or unrelated things on top.

What is right /best/aligned for you, for them, and all the things, of course, is relevant. Modes of expression are as well. What's best is best. What's right is right, What is aligned is aligned.

And timing is everything. To this, I will note that everything said here is with the caveat that Venus isn't full prograde until after March 1st ;D – so care and caution still might be advisable until then as confusion / delusion and other misdirections on the realms of love / affection (also morals and aesthetics) might continue to be afoot, depending on one's chart. Again, my Venus is strong and I have been wanting to dress the eff up for a minute and a half;

apparently s/he'd gone prograde motion the day that drive kicked in for me. SO, I personally feel these things improving: Different for each of us as always and in all of the ways.

So much love and light and bliss to you as always,


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