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I love this. A doctor who integrates conventional and holistic medicines recently told me that the reason this happens is that the person sees things in multiple dimensions at the same time; they are breaking everything down and processing it and incorporating everything together all at once. This image is hilarious because it's true. And it's especially true of some of the storytellers I find the most interesting. People like this see the holistic view of everything. It might even be the case for them that looking at things any other way doesn't tell the whole story, and therefore it does not provide sufficient information / paint the total picture of what they are trying to convey. (Sometimes I see people like Peter Jackson in this category) For a long time I personally have seen this as a more feminine energy style of conveying things. I do not mean female; I mean archetypal feminine; more lunar, receptive, intuitive, empathic, nurturing, changeable (even in the moment), going with the flow / energies in a space - and maybe even integrates everything in said flow - even if including all that comes in doesn't make sense in an obvious / direct way, etc. This last part can be especially true of sensitives, intuitives, and empaths who might be not only be tuned into their own energy, but might also be reading other energies as well, sometimes without being fully conscious of it in the moment. So then they might be speaking the storytelling style of multiple people at the same time. - Each of us would include and leave out different pieces. This could make them sound sort of like a one person writers room - before any editing happened😆. It also could be a conscious choice in which they consider who is in the room and intentionally work to convey things to make the information palatable for everyone that's present.

A literal feminine and masculine example that came to mind does compare the natures of the material male and female anatomy. It's a piece in A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer that talks about humor and comedy and the way that the set-up + punchline correlates to the masculine orgasm while the more receptive, circuitous / multidimensional / multi-locationed (Monica Geller's erogenous zones - SEVEN!) / multi peak-and-valley-ed, waxing and waning kind of delivery correlates to the female orgasm. It suggests that things like this could be why certain kinds of humor tend not always be as widely accepted in certain societal structures. This makes sense if we consider that the very habit of hearing and processing the latter kind of communication hasn't been ingrained half as much as hearing and processing the former. It seems to me that the dominant way of storytelling in a patriarchy, which inculturates perspectives, behaviors, habits, patterns, that fall under a masculine archetype, might be a masculine one. As I look at that sentence, I wonder if masculine energy is even more present in grammatical structure. While exploring that might be fun for my brain, and seeing all aspects is actually a talent of mine and a big part of my life and self, I'll try to keep things more connected to a single track...: Just because there is a more common way of doing things, that doesn't mean that way is the best way, or the only way, or the most natural. This is something we have seen time and time again, and especially have come to face more and more in recent years. No way is the best way, the normal way, or the only way solely by virtue of it being a pattern that people have gotten used to. That only makes it habit; familiar; comfortable. To me, since I can only speak for me, balancing one's masculine and feminine, one's verbose side or multidimentional side and one's laconic side or single-minded side, one's circuitousness and one's directness; is all fantastic: Growing in a direction that isn't your strength in order to evolve into a more fully formed and realized version and expression of everything that you can be? Brilliant! Go! Do! - It's beautiful. Balance equals health. Health = wealth. Balance, harmony, equality; all fabulous. Also true, the benefit(s) of moving toward one thing need not negate the value of that which is on the other side of the spectrum. This multidimensional quality is a beautiful quality to have. Also beautiful is a straight line. Whichever you have most is just perfectly you. They're both great aspects. And, regardless of the way(s) that we each might personally see and/or express things, I believe that we each are multidimensional enough within ourselves to hold space in our value system for all ways of being.

After all, all ways of being; all dimensions; are in each of us. We reflect one another. Things just show up in different areas for each of us. Still all of them are there - within. The more strongly another gets to us, the more our system is indicating that we have things we have to work on within ourselves. If we can find and appreciate the value of another, we can that much more do the same for ourselves, and vice versa. Neither normal nor abnormal are out there; they're inside. If you notice a stain on your clothes when you check your reflection, the mirror is not the issue; it is that which is being reflected. That is not only what we need be aware of, it is what we'd do best to address. And thank goodness for that mirror or we might not have even known there was something (everyone else could see that) we hadn't noticed. Each reflection is a gift, even a blessing; a nudge of guidance for any energies around us, as well as our own system, that is asking us to look, to acknowledge whatever we notice, and then find it in us to act accordingly; to do the work. And since you have every quality / aspect / dimension in you, you absolutely always have it in you to do such work, which can be another brilliant thing to develop oneself. It might turn out to be some of the hardest work we ever do. Also true, I personally believe it's a big part of why we're here, and regardless of that, I see it as work that is well worth doing. That's just my opinion.

Happy Moon Day!

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