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Guided Meditation Series

Next Virtual Offering series will be a series of guided meditations.


These will be 20-40 minutes in length.


Each will deal with something we decide on as a group: I will come with an intention and a plan and then we will discuss what people are facing / dealing with / interested in working on within themselves, if different than what I come with, and we'll proceed from there: I have a varied collection of things to work with and am a seasoned improviser so it all can flow in whatever direction is best for those participating at that given moment.


For those who do not visualize easily, neither do an estimated 60% of the population: You can still participate in and benefit plenty from guided meditations. I personally guide to serve multiple senses; this actually more fully enables us to immerse ourselves in the meditation. Each sense connects with a different part of the system, so every sense facilitates an experience like this. The somatic aspect, for example, can take us closer into feelings of safety and stability so that our sytems can let go of fight/flight/freeze and concentrate all its energy on the moment's work.


Exchange is $18 USD per person.


Contact for more information, payment options, and to register and receive the link


Dates and times:

3/20 6 PM PT . 9 PM ET

3/21 3 PM PT . 6 PM ET

3/25 5 PM PT . 8 PM ET

3/27 3 PM PT . 6 PM ET

3/29 8 PM PT . 11 PM ET

3/30 6 PM PT . 9 PM ET

4/1 6 PM PT . 9 PM ET (no fooling!)

4/2 6 PM PT . 9 PM ET

4/4 6 PM PT . 9 PM ET

4/6 6:15 PM PT . 9:15 PM ET


Thanks for putting your attention here. Now, I invite you to turn it back in toward your heartspace, and breathe for 60 seconds; with your attention there; before going on to the next thing.


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