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अश्विन्or - Auspicious Aśvinī and Associated Allegories

Auspicious day for health and wellness:

On 1/10, Earth's Moon moves into a space in the sky identified by Vedic wisdom as the Lunar Constellation of अश्विन्or Aśvinī/Ashvini/Ashwini:

The Ashwins are divine physicians. They are associated with health, medicine, dawn, and sciences.

These are guardian deities and part of the kingdom of the Devas. - Devas are often compared with Angels.

Nurturing Moon illuminating this divine medicinal energy is thought to foster an auspicious day to commit / recommit to a practice of health & wellness - maybe more so as it is on the Moon's day, Moon is waxing, and added to that so many bipeds are currently contributing to a collective focus on resolutions in health-related areas at this time.

For those confused by all this Moon talk when Western Astrological constellations are according to the Sun's tropical path - I mean, isn't the Sun the center of everything (in our system)? (People with strong Leo say, YES - minus 'in our system')

Astrology linked to the Vedas monitors the Moon as much as the Sun; it is Soli-Lunar; and so the placement / path of the Moon and the qualities and characteristics of each day's Lunar Constellation and its deity/ies are taken into account and considered important.

Moon is, after all, the closest celestial body to Earth and influences the behavior of our very selves (all those Lunatics at the Full Moon, etc), as well as Earth's tides, and more.

More on these twins, for the curious:

They are also matched with Gemini season, although that season is a bit different in the Indian astrological calendar, because precession of the equinoxes which Jyotish, or Indian Astrology (not Vedic - more stories for more days, or see the first post), takes into account and Western Astrology has not adjusted to for at least 2,000 years we know of.

Beyond Gemini's mythological representatives, the Aśvins have also been compared with other twins and horse twins (read on) from the world's various mythological traditions.

They are often associated with golden-colored things like honey (medicinal!) and Sun. They even drive a golden chariot. This car is said in one tale to always be chasing dawn. I mean, she is gorgeous, and ever young. Gemini babies themselves are said to always have youthfulness in them (can be even more in those with Rising sign than Sun sign, more stories for yet more days).

While the Aśvins have been said to have their golden carriage drawn by various quadrupeds, they are mostly connected with horses. This gold chariot they draw is said to move faster than thought and these horses are said to not ever get tired. That's some serious horsepower, amiright?

The Aśvinī have also been said to themselves be part horse #horsetwins.

One origin story has them being produced by Gods who have taken the shape of horses while on Earth. - Specifically the Sun God and his wife.

Aśvinī's root words mostly translate in Indo-European and related languages to? Ding-ding-ding: Horse.

That said, these twins are also sometimes called Nā́satyā, which has to do with safety; possibly savior, or more literally a safe return home and, when brought into a Gothic connection, the word linked with Nā́satyā means both safe and heal. I personally link this in part to a restoration / return to oneself / health / personal unique vibration, etc - as they are divine doctors (which, by the way, is a concept to which I give a hearty Amen) and are storied to rejuvenate and even revive some beings, including mortals on Earth.

While the Aśvin origin story varies in the three ancient texts they are mentioned in, the ones I've learned so far seem to involve transformation and some sort of extra magic, even for a story discussing Gods. The story I mentioned that makes them the sons of the Sun in the form of a horse is from Rigveda, where the Aśvini are mentioned 398 times.

They often tend to be linked in one way or other to Surya (The Sun; Sun Salutation = Surya Namaskar, but you knew that). Fitting to be writing about them on a Sun-day.

One thing I think their Solar and equine mythical patterns might connect to is the Sun itself as a nurturer of life, and the Maha fire element's link to transformation as well as the speed and movement of Wind element - horses are said to be windy animals. Body parts / aspects / functions + medicines associated with fire / transformation and wind / change / movement are the ways we rejuvenate and self-heal (when said elements

are in balance). They're also how we defeat disease and foreign bodies and Aśvinī are sometimes portrayed as fierce deities and are said to have destroyed a foe.

Fire can also be quick (speed of light, anyone?) and those among us mortals who have strong fire tend to heal and transform issues in themselves, as well as information and food, quickly. They are also said to be intelligent, sharp, and have quick minds - if not as quick as Wind; the person who gets the joke before anybody else likely has strong Wind as well. If they can also rewrite / transform it so it gets an even bigger laugh, etc that might be their Fire.

Fire babies can have a sharp gaze and do blaze through the world, but they can also burn too bright, move too fast, spread themselves too thin, and burn out. SO, take care, all you warm-hearted fire babies; fire IS fierce. It can also be fragile. Depends on all the other factors: Forest fire meets candle in the wind. And even in place designed and named specifically for fire, where a great big blaze can roar and glow, a fire can need a lot of tending to to stay strong. Anyone who's used a fireplace, has a fire pit, or has made fires while camping will get this.

Back to the fiery equine deities, clever twins who do not lack moments of playfulness a link with Gemini might imply and, even in one case, an attempt at trickery. To be fair, who would not want to mack it to the glorious beauty that is the light of dawn, even perhaps be dishonest in order to have a chance at connecting with her beauty and rejuvenation eternally.

As you might have guessed by their place as healers, and healers who even save mortals; speedily returning them to their high vibrational (gold) home of youthful healthiness; plus the nearly 400 times Rigveda mentions them, the Aśvins are kiiind of a big deal. They even have 50 hymns dedicated specifically to them.

Happy New Week

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